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PortSd offers uncommon and affordable options

The Advantages of a Port SD Start

Port SD knows the web, what is actually free, what is effective, what is searchable, and what is an actual good foundation to start your web presence. A Port SD site is not just a product that is the endpoint, it is a beginning with potential (Click on each of the checkmarked topics to read more ).

Hosting (3)

PortSD hosts your site

There are three basics needs to have a site: the actual site, a name for the site, and a place to put the site. The place to put the site can vary in cost and usefulness. This is an expense that will add up over the years. If you are just presenting a basic site, then there is no need to get into a long term contract that will offer vast unused storage. Port SD hosts your site in a subdomain with your chosen name. It is kept there with only minimal yearly token upkeep fee to let us know you are still using the site. Port SD hosting your site means it’s one less barrier to your web presence.

This allows you to avoid contracts you may never use, and to grow as you see fit with more knowledge.

PortSD can assist in moving to your own hosting

In the future you may wish to move your site, possibly to attach an eCommerce online store section, or just to have the independence. PortSD can rapidly move your entire site, or just link outside of it to the new addition, and the move will be unnoticeable to your customers except for your new domain name. This is all done free of charge and all aspects of this can be customized and tailored to what is needed. This is all possibly because at Port SD you’re communicating directly with the technically knowledgeable web developer. This is also possible because Port SD sites are constructed in search engine friendly, fast loading, and highly customizeable HTML. The sites are not constructed on a bulky, immoveable, site-builder proprietary platform. And because of this, in the future yourself or other web developers will recognize the site’s quality construction and easily be able to work with it as well.

PortSD only asks for a token fee for upkeep

In that the maintainer of Port SD wants to benefit all business, and display to search engines that this is a dynamic, updated site with current, useable information, we all benefit from sites that are useable and not abandoned or neglected. This is the reason for the token upkeep fee of $7 per year. If a client has regular changes to their site, then of course Port SD knows the site is current and this fee is waived. If the site owner sees that the site’s presence is no longer worth the minimal token fee, then Port SD knows the site probably isn’t useable for whatever reason. Search engines have very complex algorithms, and we need to do our best to keep the service in tune to meet the demands of this set of rules.

Domain (3)

You start with a familiar searchable name

As anyone who has experience in this field will let you know: it can be a challenge to find a still available name. This is one of the biggest hurdles people encounter. Sometimes this is reason many postpone starting a web presence. Your starting point here will be YourName.PortSD.com. It is understood that owning your desired domain name outright is wish of most, but PortSD was chosen for its warmth, familiarity to the area, and not be a distraction to your name preceding it. Later, you can find the name that suits you best. This subdomain naming system will allow you to give your web address verbally to people with ease, eliminating awkward hyphens, numbers, underscores, and odd suffixes as .cc, .info, or .biz that aren’t remembered as well. PortSD wants to see you succeed.

You can use your existing domain, or later add one.

The sites with Port SD can be of two types of domain names: you can choose the default YourName.PortSD.com, or you can bring in your own domain name that you have purchased. If you already have a domain name, and it is great that you do, it is absolutely invited to use in the Port SD business solution. The name is simply directed to the mother company Pacific Rim Web’s hosting and it will enjoy the full advantages of a Port SD site. Port SD can help with that free of charge. In the event you purchase your own domain name, it is your business matter to keep that name registered and current.

Allowing a business to come in under the YourName.PortSD.com nameplate is one of the single, biggest advantages of Port SD. Usually to do this with the other services on the web, the client needs to adopt their free fee structure for email service, constraints, and unmovable platform. Usually in these other services businesses are treated differently than just personal websites, and that is only discovered after time is wasted on looking into a service.

If you have not purchased a domain name yet, you can still get started with the standard, in-house, naming convention. Searching for an available name can be daunting and frustrating, Port SD can offer tips. Please do contact Port SD to get sound advice on good practices and tips to make a good, lasting purchase. Your domain name is something that should be highly guarded. It is your online branding.

You can keep loyal customers by retaining the old domain

If you start out quickly under the YourName.PortSD.com naming system, and then move to a purchased domain name you will not lose a single loyal customer. Free of charge, Port SD can set up a type of shunt that transports visitors to your new domain. This can be done with an explanation on the old landing site, or automatically. Port SD knows a growing business thrives on gaining returning customers and referrals. Your customers will be cared for in the unveiling of a new url domain. This is a huge advantage of choosing Port SD as many providers will be hesitant to direct business away from their own web services.

Of course this also works in the other direction as well. If you have a site currently somewhere else Port SD will work with that provider to set up an inbound shunt to facilitate visitor flow to your new site with Port SD.

Construction (3)

PortSD gives you a professional appearance

Port SD sites are constructed with actual coding and customizations. The sites are viewable cleanly across many diverse desktops, laptops, ChromeBooks, tablets, televisions, and phones. The sites are modern, using cutting edge, but universally adopted coding technologies. Writing is spellchecked and graphics are made with the full Adobe Creative Cloud. Your photos are worked with to give the best image. Port SD saves you time and expense by using the Canvas 5.0 (SemiColonWeb) and Teclus (Template_Path) template groups. Together, this selection gives hundreds of very professional layouts and appearances. These groups were chosen for their professional quality, up-to-date style, and eye-catching business savvy appearance.

This becomes your site and can be moved.
Port SD sites are constructed directly on the modern, universal, reliable platform of knowledgeable HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/jQuery coding. They are lean, transportable, and stable, -fully professional. They are higher performing than bulky content management system (CMS) database-driven apps such as WordPress, Joomla, SiteBuilder, Drupal, or other proprietary free sites that, once configured, must stay on that server with your domain name forever attached, not really yours to move at will. Port SD sites become your own, and can be moved and duplicated at your will and use far less server space if you decide to independently host and expand. Your viewers will love the speed, sleekness, and fluidity of your site’s performance.
Larger additions are possible, or you can request customizing.
We can use other appearances, or a custom appearance, as this customer did, that requires further discussion with the client. A site moving more away from our who, what, where, and when site style may more suitable for construction under the Pacific Rim Web offering

Pricing (3)

PortSD asks only one main payment

At Port SD there are no hidden fees, not for email availability, not for subscriptions, not for ongoing use of themes or site builders. There are no contracts and no traps. The only ongoing fee past the one-time payment (regarding no future major additional work on the site) is the minimal token annual fee as mentioned to let us know you still use the site. You pay for a high quality site that is hosted that is then yours.

The sites we offer are HTML/CSS constructed, fully pro, and not bulky, error vulnerable, and hack vulnerable WordPress. In that PortSD constructs coded sites, that means they can be moved around to where you may want it at will. No fuss, no huge WordPress or Site Builder databases or proprietary apps, no theme usage payments. This difference gives you the advantage of domain changes, ability to host more than one domain in the future, and mobility. This is a rarity at this entry-level price.

Only a small token upkeep of $7 dollars is asked annualy

Only a token fee is asked yearly so we know you still wish the site up and that it is functional to you. Having active sites (that haven’t been abandoned) on the PortSD umbrella domain boosts all of our search rankings collectively as the search engines see content as useable to viewers. Of course, if PortSD has made recent changes to the site, and know you still want the site, then this small fee is waived. And note that PortSD practices good business and would most likely leave any site up known not to be fully abandoned and no longer needed.

PortSD sites currently offer all this at $300 dollars.

PortSD openly makes the challenge for prospective clients to find another hosted, coded site service at this price that offers an equally quality product with these same options. PortSD knows this market, knows the web, and knows there are a lot of people paying way too much for sites. PortSD also knows that many of these free sites are not so free when you are a small business that simply wants an email contact service attached to your site. Most all these free sites cannot be moved once built on their hosting, and you may need to start all over again if you wish to change your domain. At this price PortSD puts no competing ads on your site and you are not subject to negative reviews. Your social accounts can still be linked and small changes can be made quickly. Having all the tools available as any large web houses, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dreamweaver, Envato Market Products, GoDaddy tools, Google and Bing (Microsoft) Analytics, we can do our best to include a logo as well. Colors can be matched and we can optimize all of your own photos. It is guaranteed you will receive a quality product at an entry-level price.

Choices with a PortSD site.
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