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A Web Presence Solution

What is Port SD.

Port SD is an entry-level web presence business solution offering from Pacific Rim Web. With years of experience in the field, it became clear that emerging small business individuals outgrow the limits of social media, and the vulnerability to one’s reputation by free-services that allow good and bad business reviews, let alone bombarding viewers with competing ads.

Port SD is a small but very experienced and technically savvy operation under Pacific Rim Web in San Diego. It is designed to provide professional ‘who (introduce yourself), what (what you do), where (address, email form, and map), and when (hours of business)’ sites. Port SD uses all of the professional digital tools and techniques as the large, expensive digital agencies do, but applies them in a cost effective means.

What Port SD Does.

PortSD offers a bridge between the constraining social media the vulnerable yelping experience, and the expensive hosted, named, constructed website. It offers the services of a professional Web Developer, and the convenience of an affordable one-time payment with a very minimal annual fee to let’s know that you still want the site viewable.

Port SD offers professionally constructed and hosted websites with the YourName.PortSD.com url. This naming can be kept, kept in combination with, or moved under a domain name you may find available for your site. Your new domain name can also be hosted free with no ads, saving you future expenses, but full control over your registration. This process saves you expenditures, searching, learning time, and still offers very real, good options to consider later, if you wish.

A good business can recognize another’s good business.

Port SD's Mission.

PortSD’s mission is to provide a professional web presence to those that do not have the time, or wish, to devote energy towards learning all the technical items in formulating a website, but still are not ready to invest in the high price tag of the usual professionally constructed site.

PortSD conducts its business with no hidden fees, good customer relations, and better options provided to the customer than most all other web services available.

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